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Stuff a cheese roll in it!

I wanted to say, ‘stuff a cheese roll in it,’ when the food trolley came down the aisle.Am I rude? Well maybe so, but he was worse! Thank God it […]

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The Arts, Children and Mental Health

A New Year, and what a whirlwind January has been. And it’s not over yet! Disaster in Australia, with the very sad loss of human life, destruction of 15 million […]

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Christmas thoughts

Just a short recording I did Christmas 2013 – oh my days – how time flies! Yet some things never change.Enjoy Christmas everyone, but please listen to this recording and […]

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Podcast update

Hi guys, Just another mention about the purpose of my new podcast, namely Kids on a Journey, which is to discuss matters appertaining to children that may be as diverse […]

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Social Media

What do we really feel about Social Media? It’s a new phenomenon to the older generations. Bless my grandma, she wouldn’t have known what to make of it. Good or […]

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Anna’s Podcast

Why a Podcast?Recently someone suggested I do a podcast. Hum!!!!Just another task to add to my already busy schedule. Do I really have time or even want to? Then I […]

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Old school visits

August is a great time to re-group, organise, plan and of course have a holiday.I have to say it has been a very therapeutic month for me, having had a […]

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Able Writer’s Day

Someone asked me what I do on my Able Writers’ Days. In answering, I thought of what I would like to do differently given the opportunity. Having worked with some […]

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A Writer’s Day Out

It’s coming to the end of another school year and this year has really gone quicker than ever. In some ways I feel disappointment because certain projects have not moved […]

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