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Write, draw, doodle.

April 4, 2022

Let’s write, draw, scribble, or doodle. I suggest there is nothing better or more therapeutic than putting our thoughts on paper.

Journaling is something which I advocate for all. Yes it empties the thoughts from ones’ head. Helps us to de clutter the mind, which has to be a good thing.

Did you know that journaling has become very popular of late? So is it possible to write ourselves to good health? Absolutely! I suggest that journaling helps control ones’ emotions and improve mood. To write down problems, fears, and concerns, helps us with prioritisation. Also by tracking our emotions we are able daily to recognise triggers and learn ways to better control negative thoughts. As we provide an opportunity for positive self-talk, those negative thoughts can be turned around. Get rid of them. we want more serotonin in our bodies not toxicity. Science now proves that the very art of writing our thoughts down is very cathartic and enables us to clear the mind of toxic thoughts.

Having used journals for many years, another benefit I have noticed is being able to reflect on things of the past. This can be hugely encouraging by showing how far we have progressed, what has been achieved and more. Sometimes I pick up on thoughts and ideas that I jotted down and had forgotten about or chosen to ignore. Perhaps it simply wasn’t the right time.

Yeah! And do you ever wake in the night with a good idea or having had a dream and the next day annoyingly have forgotten what it was? Hum! Lesson learnt! Keep a notebook at the side of the bed.

Personally, I find making a weekly job list useful too. Or perhaps a daily list. If certainly helps me navigate my busy life. Firstly, I’m less likely to forget tasks, but also seeing those action plans and projects gradually ticked off is such a delight. I love to make a list in black ink, tick off in red. Oh there is a child in all of us and it is so satisfying.

There is no doubt that in our daily lives screen time gets too much of our attention. Laptop, tablet, computer, tablet, smartphone, tv, it’s all too much. The negative effects this lifestyle has on our mindset and wellbeing is overwhelming.

The written word is powerful. A lovely notebook or sketch pad is such a blessing if we did but realise it. As for the young ones, expression through colour, art and craft is vital.

I have had the opportunity to deliver creative writing classes to children in primary education and encouraged many to journal, perhaps simply write their thoughts down each day. Yes, how do they feel today? What has made them feel as they do. Can they perhaps explain their feelings? Did an incident upset them or make them happy?

My younger granddaughter told me recently that her class were now being asked to write their feelings down on a regular basis and it was helping their mental health. Nine years olds with anxiety that needs addressing before it worsens in those teenage years. Dear God! Yes, they have mental health monitors, at least at her school.  ‘Explain what they do,’ I asked her.

‘We take it in turns to help our friends, listen to them and we keep a record of their feelings. I am mental health monitor next week for my class,’ she said proudly.

Below is a couple of sketches that my granddaughter did for me recently when I asked her about her day. She was testing my discernment.

Many children have trouble describing their emotions with words, yet art will enable them to express themselves through colouring, painting, drawing, writing, etc. Art gives children the opportunity to process and comprehend their feelings in a positive manner. It is an escape for many frustrations.

We all need an escape and the opportunity to allow our imagination to flow. So whatever works for you and your child be encouraged to express yourself on paper.

Write, draw scribble and doodle.

Chat soon Anna