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Nuggets of Wisdom

  It’s ages since I did an inspirational blog, and as my personality leads me to be an encourager, I had the idea to do an Inspirational A – Z. […]

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What Inspires You?

What Inspires you?   A question that I ask the children in my creative writing workshop. Some of the answers are awesome. Others quite simple but so beautiful. Like the […]

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Surprises are not always good!

  Sometimes we just need to write. One of my favourite expressions is;- it empties the thoughts from my head. Writing gives us the opportunity to share great experiences, offer […]

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Now that’s what I call determination. How many times did Thomas Edison attempt to create the light bulb before he finally succeeded? Oh only 10,000 I’m told! Thomas Edison’s view […]

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A little encouragement…

I wanted to write something to inspire and encourage those creative people out there who feel they are stuck, going nowhere.   I suppose it’s something like drilling for oil. […]

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A Letter to God

As written in my journal in the city Cathedral whilst in Bologna on 1st April 2011.  13.00. If you don’t believe and don’t want to read my letter to God, […]

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My Friend Dee – Special Commendation!

I am pleased to announce that ‘My Friend Dee’ has been awarded a Special Commendation by the Eleventh International Short Story Contest!  Winners can be viewed here! readers […]

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