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May 10, 2017

Now that’s what I call determination.

How many times did Thomas Edison attempt to create the light bulb before he finally succeeded? Oh only 10,000 I’m told!

Thomas Edison’s view on life was quite refreshing. When asked about all his failures he turned failure into positivity and is quoted to have said, ‘I haven’t had any failures, I’ve just found thousands of things that don’t work.’ I love his thinking!

How many times did James Dyson attempt to create the bagless vacuum cleaner? Apparently, it was 5127 prototypes and five years later before he succeeded. Hum!

The lesson here is clearly patience, perseverance and DETERMINATION.




Now I’m no match for either of these characters, but my patience has been tested over the years. What about yours? Are you willing to try or just going to accept failure? You know if it were easy everyone would do it. Apparently few people become what they were born to be. I really believe that. Why? Because they give in or don’t even get started. Imprisoned by fear. Well, we all know fear is;- False Evidence Appearing Real.

Everyone has a book in them, but can’t be bothered to write it. Everyone has gifts and talents undiscovered and dormant. Why, because they are afraid to have a go. What if I fail? What if I make a fool of myself?

Well, WHAT IF you succeed?

No one said life would be easy. It is a journey with ups and downs, peaks and troughs. Some of us have faith, which strengthens us in our dark places and barrenness. Either way, we have to rise above the WHAT IF scenario. We have to be big enough, and put other people’s opinions of us behind us.

I recently read an interesting book entitled PUSH – short for – pray until something happens. If you don’t pray you can still push. Yes PUSH until something happens!
Often I find it looks as though there is a door/opportunity in front of me, so I push. The door opens a little, then firmly closes. Is it the door of opportunity but the wrong timing? Or just something, some small measure of encouragement and a learning curve along the way?  This used to drive me potty. Then, I realised that this was just a process I had to go through.

So what I have learnt in life is; don’t give in. Sometimes take a little time out to be quiet and alone. Think about the next step, and perhaps pray for wisdom as I do. Whatever, keep digging in. Don’t give up. How would you feel today if you had given in and someone else had come along and stolen you dream?

The point is, if you try and fail at least you tried.

Better that than always wondering, WHAT IF.


And here’s a little encouragement for the kids.




Don’t ever let anyone speak negative over your life. Don’t ever let anyone bully you, say you aren’t good enough, can’t do it, or worse still, won’t make anything of your life. What rubbish!

I’m going to post a list of 10 people who were told that, and see what they did.

Meanwhile, I will be posting details soon of a great writing competition we’re going to do on the coast. Be inspired, you can do it.

And, you may just win!

Chat soon.

Anna x