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What is happening to our children? Autism, asthma, diabetes, learning difficulties and ADHD. Having worked in the childcare and education sector for 35 years why am I seeing more cases of Autism, and children with SEND (special educational needs and disabilities) than ever before? Today this poses a huge topic for discussion, debate, and ultimately… Read more »

As a society – responsible adults, and parents – shouldn’t the emphasis be to protect our children?  So, why are many governments still pushing these covid childhood vaccines when the risk profile of covid to young children is minuscule? I believe there are far too many sinister implications surrounding these jabs and the more research… Read more »

How quickly life changes. Only a few weeks ago I posted a blog about our beloved Queen and suddenly she is gone. We enjoyed the sunshine one beautiful afternoon as children at my nursery had photos taken with a giant cardboard cut-out of Her Majesty, and we celebrated the release of my picture book, Rianbo… Read more »

It’s ages since I did an inspirational blog, and as my personality leads me to be an encourager, I had the idea to do an Inspirational A – Z. My thoughts beginning with ambition, belief and character, I’m finally making a start. Realising how much there is to say on each of these topics I… Read more »

Thought I ought to post a copy of my letters from the Palace! It’s a little late now – event over – but it’s not every day that an envelope falls through the mailbox with a Windsor Castle or Kensington Palace water mark. With the celebrations and spectacle of the Platinum Jubilee of Her Royal… Read more »

I was going to do a blog about faddy eaters thinking how difficult it can be to maintain a healthy diet when our children won’t eat this and that. By that comment you know what I mean. Anything healthy is a struggle in many households, and apparently the UK ranks as one of the highest… Read more »

Do we jab our children? Time waits for no man, and there has recently been a huge outpouring of revelations and a surge of authentic medical evidence concerning the negative effects of the covid 19 vaccine. I expressed my opinions – particularly regarding children – in my October 2021 blog. I have always known something… Read more »