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Anna's Blog Roll Inspiration Short Stories & Poems

Rianbo’s Travels

A series of short stories written for young children, as we meet Rianbo the colourful rag doll, who loves to travel with children from the nursery school. The books introduce […]

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School Visits Inspiring Costa Kids Short Stories & Poems

The Little Red Case

I’m a little red case, and live under the bed in AnaMarie’s bachelor pad.That’s me! AnaMarie is Spanish, born in Madrid, now living in the countryside of the North of […]

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Inspiring Costa Kids School Visits Chavos News

The Polka Dot Pen

Her name was Sally Ann Thompson. Her favourite colour pink. She liked to write. It emptied the thoughts from her head, so she said. It was her birthday, sweet sixteen. […]

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Childcare Matters Short Stories & Poems Inspiring Costa Kids

Blue Socks, Bully Socks

Perhaps I should have been more sensitive. Thought things through before I bought them. It was about identity you see. I was tapping into her identity instead of finding my […]

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Chavosing Inspiring Costa Kids Chavos News

Bologna. Oh Bologna

Yesterdays blog brought to mind some of the other wonderful places I have had the privilege to visit. Bologna being one of them. Several people have said how much they […]

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School Visits Anna's Blog Roll Sharon House Publishing

Little Spoon

I started life in a pack of four. Well sixteen to be precise. Yes, four fours are sixteen. That’s, right isn’t it? But life sure was boring for the first […]

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Anna's Blog Roll School Visits Childcare Matters

Hidden Within

It takes a week or there about To relax and empty one’s head So, book that holiday A retreat if you will And rid the mind of the pressure therein […]

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Chavosing Animals School Visits

She loved to write

She loved to write It was an opportunity to empty the thoughts from her weary head Oh, how it pained her until they were released Then, she relaxed. She felt […]

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Anna's Blog Roll School Visits Chavos News

My life as a Sock!

‘I’m going to be late for school Mum,’ I heard him shout. ‘Can’t find any socks.’ Nothing new then I thought. He can never find any socks! That’s teenagers for […]

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