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Chavosing Animals Inspiring Costa Kids

Juan’s release

‘So what is Christmas all about?’ asked Enrie Molina, deferred parole notice in his hand. ‘For me, this year, freedom!’ answered his cellmate smiling, thinking of a typical day in […]

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Dolita’s Christmas

“What is Christmas all about?” thought Dolita, as she wandered the streets. The date the 16th December, the beginning of the festivities. Nine consecutive days of candlelight posadas centred around […]

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School Visits Inspiration Animals

The Sewers

Carlos squeezed into his rubber, airtight diving suit – prising on his helmet and gloves – and waited until his colleagues connected him to various steel chains and pulleys before […]

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The Kidnap

The household at Devereux Lodge was buzzing with activity, as the Senora prepared for a meeting down town near the Gali-Gali Café Bar. Lettie was in the kitchen baking bread […]

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Rainbows End

‘What is your name?’ ‘Budekiah.’ ‘What a weird name! Bud..a..what?’ ‘Budekiah.’ ‘Who are you? How did I get here? Where am I?’ ‘This is the entrance to Rainbow’s End. You […]

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Street Kids Don’t Cry

‘What’s the commotion?’ asked Angelina, bobbing her head around the shelter entrance. ‘Uhm noise!’ mumbled Roberto. ‘Can’t anyone get any sleep around ‘ere? Shut up you lot, I’m sleeping.’ ‘If […]

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Animals Sharon House Publishing Inspiring Costa Kids

The School Bus

‘I’m bored, and can’t bear the thought of staying here all weekend. I was looking forward to the trip to Birkdale High and that game of lacrosse.’ ‘Well, you can’t […]

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A Spider’s Tale

My name is Claudia Spencer And I live in a beautiful house. It’s actually the Spencer household So I figured, I had the right to share their name. Now my […]

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School Visits Short Stories & Poems Animals

My Friend Dee – Special Commendation!

I am pleased to announce that ‘My Friend Dee’ has been awarded a Special Commendation by the Eleventh International Short Story Contest!  Winners can be viewed here! readers […]

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