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Childcare Matters

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Child Health Matters

Anna, an experienced childcare professional, raises concerns about the increasing prevalence of autism and special educational needs in children, questioning the role of vaccines and advocating for research into dietary factors.

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Child Protection

Anna questions the necessity of COVID-19 vaccines for children, expressing concerns about risks, financial interests, lack of evidence, and potential long-term harm. She urges parents to research and reconsider vaccination decisions.

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To jab or not to jab?

Do we jab our children? Time waits for no man, and there has recently been a huge outpouring of revelations and a surge of authentic medical evidence concerning the negative […]

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The dictionary definition tells us the meaning of the word is to delay in doing something, to put off, think about it too long, even be lazy.Well, there’s some truth […]

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Cell phones

Do you feel like me? Concerned about the amount of time our children and grandchildren are spending on cell phones. So what are we doing about it? Too many of […]

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Separation Issues

I remember the days when my children were very young and I was considering separation from their father. My agonising thoughts were how will this affect them and could I […]

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I was thinking about immunisation today and particularly in regard to children. I suppose it was highlighted when local schools sent notifications out recently about the HPV vaccine (Human Papilloma […]

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Managing behaviour

Today I walked through the nursery to see – as I often do – one young child very proudly wearing his Superstar Medal. Later I collected my own little granddaughter […]

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The importance of reading!

From the days when as a little girl, I used to love the Enid Blyton mysteries, to the young adult who became engrossed in the novels by Yorkshire born novelist, […]

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