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The dictionary definition tells us the meaning of the word is to delay in doing something, to put off, think about it too long, even be lazy.
Well, there’s some truth in that but certainly not the lazy, angle. I’ve never been so busy. Just temporarily lost my mojo for writing.

My last blog was on April 15th 2020, and since then I have had so much to say, but for whatever reason never got around to saying it. Perhaps there was some wisdom in that, who needs all the antagonism and arguments? Yes, different view points causing division. More about that later.
Meanwhile, unlike some it was not depression, mental health, anxiety or fear, but something interrupted my flow.
Was it Covid 19, undoubtedly yes!

The day we went into lockdown was the day I was due to fly to Mexico to work with children at British International Schools. I was packed but not checked in. As much as I like Mexico, I was so grateful that I had not gone a few days earlier and been stranded there. As my UK business continued with a service to key workers, with many of my employees on furlough, I suddenly had an abundance of free time. Something didn’t sit comfortably with me, and I began my research. For many months listening to learned people who posted their findings, I came to the realisation that the mainstream media were promoting a spirit of fear and panic. I became one of those people that initially would have been labelled as a conspiracy theorist. Hum! Interesting how many months later those conspiracies are being proven fact.
Dig deep folks and do your research.

Meanwhile, I will try and focus and keep my comments – at least on here – to those centred around children and young adults. As we struggle to deal with all the craziness around us, I am truly concerned for the young ones.
I remember the words of many when I first went into childcare over 30 years ago. I quote, ‘ children are resilient, they are stronger than we think, and they quickly bounce back.’
Do they really? I have seen the evidence of many messed up young people, simply as the result of divorce and bickering parents, who would use their children as weapons to hurt one another. It still happens today and what do we see? Many growing up with mental health issues. I wonder why?

So, as for the Covid19 scenario, the horrendous disruption in the education system and the negative impact it has had on young minds is disturbing to say the least. The insistence on the children wearing masks for several hours per day which have been proven medically to be a complete waste of time, do more harm than good. Now what of the vaccines?

Personally, I am convinced and firmly believe this is NOT a vaccine but an experimental injection that has questionable components and has not finished its clinical trials.

With every adult having the right to choose whether or not to take this injection, should it be given to children? In my opinion, absolutely NOT.
The evidence against this injection and the risk factor is huge. Thankfully more people are beginning to realise that there is something very sinister about this whole Covid 19 scenario, sadly still too many are blinkered.
All over the world, hundreds of epidemiologists, bio-chemists, scientists, researchers and so many other professionals speak out about its dangers, their interviews to be quickly removed from some social media platforms. Today we hear from many more who we would call whistle blowers, in various professions from NHS medics, professors of science, coroners, undertakers and more importantly those who have worked for the pharmaceutical giants themselves.
With thousands of adverse reactions to these injections, equally thousands of deaths within 72 hours of the jab – a handful I know personally – and many more not reported, we should be very cautious.
The facts are there if you know where to look. Yes, they are well hidden!
So there is an agenda, but as I stated earlier in this blog, I am focussing on the young ones.

With children suffering very mild symptoms of the Corona Virus, recovering quickly within a few days, why would any parent allow their child to have this experimental injection which is likely to do them far more harm than any such virus?

I have no idea how many people will read this blog, but if just one person hesitates, does their research and refuses the jab on behalf of their child, It will have been worth it. So check out the figures of adverse reactions to this injection, world-wide. Then decide whether it is worth taking such a risk with your child’s well-being.

Vaccines generally have concerned me and I discussed this issue in my blog on 14th August 2018. It is interesting how many vaccines have been proven to do more harm than good.
Generally people are so busy that they often go along with the narrative. Assuming that the people who tell us what is best for us, actually know or care. I am learning more and more, especially with big Pharma. Just follow the money trail and it’s amazing what truths will be uncovered.

One final point, I am not an anti-vaxer – a term used recently by the mainstream media. There are times when vaccines are appropriate but this Covid injection, alarms me.

I like to quote one of my favourite Yorkshire sayings, ‘if in doubt, do nowt.’

Chat soon.
Stay safe