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Rianbo’s Travels

I just love the Rianbo’s Travels series – and just to confirm – the three new titles will be available for World Book Day this year. UK World Book Day […]

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Inspiration Childcare Matters Inspiring Costa Kids

School visits 2019

Looking forward to 2019 and working with Authors Abroad on the Able Writers’ Programme once again. Yes, I have recently decided to do some more school visits. I certainly don’t […]

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Childcare Matters Sharon House Publishing Inspiring Costa Kids

Writing Tips

Well, so much for planning my writing schedule for the next few months. Business and family took over and not even thought about it yet. At least I found time […]

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Inspiring Costa Kids Writing Competition 2018 – Paragraph leads

2018 Entry paragraph leads…. Choose from one of the following paragraphs to build your story. Write between 500-800 words not including the lead paragraph. Para 1) Winding his way through […]

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Short Stories & Poems School Visits Sharon House Publishing

Terms and Conditions – Kids on the Costa Writing Competition 2018

Terms and Conditions Kids on the Costa Writing Competition 2018 #inspiringcostakids 1st March 2018   1. This competition is organised by Anna Mckann of Sharon House Publishing Ltd (UK Registered […]

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Sharon House Publishing Chavos News Inspiring Costa Kids

Write a story

Isn’t it very interesting that as the UK celebrates World Book Day on the 1st March, we at Sharon House Publishing, working with our partners in Andalucia, are getting ready […]

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Chavosing Childcare Matters School Visits

Tell a story and don’t grouch!

Sorry but I will grouch! As we herald towards World Book Day celebrated in the UK on 1st March, I am thinking of a few comments I have received this […]

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Chavosing Inspiring Costa Kids Inspiration

Edit, edit, then edit again!

Writing is so time consuming. Unless you are a writer you probably take it for granted, read a story or article, and don’t stop to think just how many hours […]

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Short Stories & Poems Inspiring Costa Kids Anna's Blog Roll

Finalist Presentation

I thought I would upload some of the stories that I chose for the inspiring costa kids competition. This is Grace Le Chat, winner of the first prize age 11 […]

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