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Inspiring Costa Kids Writing Competition 2018 – Paragraph leads

February 28, 2018

2018 Entry paragraph leads….

Choose from one of the following paragraphs to build your story. Write between 500-800 words not including the lead paragraph.

Para 1)

Winding his way through the dark shadows of the overgrown trees, a pool of light finally shone through revealing the full grandeur of the house. He quietly approached the large oak doors that were firmly closed and hesitantly reached for the old, cast-iron door knocker, in the shape of a lion’s head with a cub beside it.
It seemed an eternity since he had stood at this door. How well he remembered it.
Anna McKann ©
What do you think happened next and what were the secrets & memories of the house?



Para 2)

‘If Marisol has been kidnapped a public announcement could jeopardise her life,’ exclaimed the Inspector. ‘We wait and sit tight till someone contacts us.’
‘But we can’t just do nothing.’
‘Well I’m afraid we have no option at the moment. The maid has just found this note in the mail-box.’
Written with a mulberry colour lipstick it said; ‘‘Wait for Instructions.’
Anna McKann ©
What do you think happened next?



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