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Edit, edit, then edit again!

February 12, 2018

Writing is so time consuming. Unless you are a writer you probably take it for granted, read a story or article, and don’t stop to think just how many hours actually went into producing your entertainment.

Imagination and creativity are a wonderful thing, but when your writing is based on fact more often time is spent on the research and planning, than the actual writing. Then comes the editing. I can’t believe how many times I have edited a piece of work and mistakes have still been found just before the print run.


Last week a colleague and myself took a final look over some of my Rianbo’s Travels books prior to them going to the printers. Unbelievable, what did we find? Another error! Something slight but nevertheless something incorrect, that may or may not have been noticed at some point in the future.

I remember an infuriating conversation with someone many years ago. I was talking about my desire to write picture books for young children and his response was, ‘well it’s not difficult to think up a character and tell a story about them, now is it?’

Really! I was about to find out. Telling a story may be easy to some people but then to simplify the words, all poignant enough to warrant an illustration. You try it!

I have done several pictures books since that first attempt, and I am my own worst critic. The first one, Dolita The Street Kid was my pride and joy at the time. Today, I can’t wait to re-write it, and I really dislike the original illustrations. That’s progress isn’t it?

I have several picture books waiting to go to print but my story about the two frogs.



Finn & Limm was always one of my favourites. Especially when we did a YouTube clip of me reading it. Even better I had a cake made to celebrate the launch. Any excuse to eat cake.



So my next three picture books for Rianbo’s Travels are at the printers as I blog. I’m now juggling projects and have so many things in different stages of development.

Let’s see what comes next.

Meanwhile, my desire is to educate and not just entertain. Young children need to learn about other countries and cultures and Rianbo as she travels around the world, does just that.

Think I might have to be considering a travelling companion for Rianbo soon. Yes I suppose she is quite girlie. Perhaps that’s my next school project. Yes, I will see what the pre-school children suggest next time I’m in the classroom.

As for the Chavos Novels, they are more relevant today than ever and introduce young adults to some of the issues that are discussed in school as teachers look at personal, social and health education.

Well no writing for me now. I’m going to watch a movie.



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