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Finalist Presentation

February 5, 2018

I thought I would upload some of the stories that I chose for the inspiring costa kids competition.

This is Grace Le Chat, winner of the first prize age 11 to 13 years. Also at the presentation were Lynne Duncan – editor of The Kids on the Costa magazine, and Emma De Acedo – Marbella tv Lifestyle.



My comments were;-

The story was very descriptive and had an unusual and totally unexpected twist. Certainly a wow factor. I never expected that!

Given a lead paragraph about street children living in the sewers, Grace changed the emphasis from the victims of the streets to the woman who helped them, becoming a victim of her own circumstances. The story shows empathy, compassion, pain and the destructive nature of alcohol. You are drawn into the story and can see and feel every character. Not particularly a feel good factor, in fact quite sad but very real.

This is life!

An excellent use of adjectives, a great short story which could be developed. I have actually asked Grace to write more. I would love to know what happens next.