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Child Protection

October 24, 2022



As a society – responsible adults, and parents – shouldn’t the emphasis be to protect our children?  So, why are many governments still pushing these covid childhood vaccines when the risk profile of covid to young children is minuscule?

I believe there are far too many sinister implications surrounding these jabs and the more research I do, the more I am convinced it is all about the money and more!

Isn’t it interesting that those labelled as conspiracy theorists are growing in number? Did we simply see the truth beyond the smokescreen before others? Indeed, as more truths emerge every day, evidence grows and with thousands reporting injuries from these covid jabs – which I refuse to call vaccines – thank God some governments are finally seeing sufficient evidence to withdraw them.

Did you know that 100 doctors recently wrote to the UK Prime minister asking for the vaccines for children to be halted immediately, due to the evidential skyrocketing reports of injuries and deaths? Fortunately, the uptake in the UK for the children’s jabs has been low, but to jab even one child with these experimental potions is one too many. In July 2022 the covid 19 jab was included on the NHS web site to be given with other vaccinations at an early age. Yes, they were sneaking it in, but now mysteriously appears to have been removed. Sadly, many vaccine centres are still pushing them.

Dear God, don’t they already give our young children far too many jabs?  As for the covid jab, Italian researchers found that 94% of blood samples taken from over one thousand vaccinated people were contaminated, whilst Canadian scientists, Spanish scientists, Israeli scientists, to mention just a few are now gravely concerned about their findings.

How many times does it have to be said? How many more must speak up? How many more reports of adverse and serious reactions?  And you can’t get any more serious than death!

This must stop!

Finally, the absolute nonsense about injecting children with these toxic substances to protect others – especially Granny – has been admitted by Pfizer under oath in the European court recently as without evidence. No such trial was ever done and, in my opinion, is a load of rubbish.

Human to human transmission never existed and the pharmaceutical companies knew it. Why did people like me who have no medical background know that? Intuition, common sense, a gut feeling. Call it what you will but the proof is now colossal, all over the world the evidence mounts.

These jabs are causing blood clots, severe allergic reactions, myocarditis, blindness, paralysis, strokes to mention just a few. Oh, did I forget the massive numbers of sudden deaths? As for those who say, I had the jabs and I’m ok. Well yes, maybe you are now, but what about the damage being done to the immune system long term? And as one woman and her daughter said to me recently. ‘We don’t know what we have put in our bodies, and we won’t be having any more.’

So, my major point today is why on earth would anyone take a risk and give this stuff to their children?

If you are reading this please stop listening to the narrative, the mainstream media, and of course those who aim to make billions in profit. Yes, Big Pharma!! One suspects that Big Pharma owns and controls most of the mainstream media channels anyway.

Do your research as I did, and if you need a list of places to look private message me on one of my social media platforms, and I will give you some leads. Everyone has a mobile phone these days so start with the Telegram Channel. With over 700 million monthly active users and one of the 10 most downloaded apps in the world, just browse. Perhaps start with Child Covid Vaccine Injuries and be enlightened.


‘I urge parents please do not vaccinate your children. I am terribly worried about our children’s future. Not just what will happen to their brain, immune system and more. I truly believe we will begin to see an explosion in all kinds of chronic conditions, ‘

There is nothing good about constantly jabbing the little ones.

Chat soon.