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To jab or not to jab?

February 7, 2022

Do we jab our children?

Time waits for no man, and there has recently been a huge outpouring of revelations and a surge of authentic medical evidence concerning the negative effects of the covid 19 vaccine. I expressed my opinions – particularly regarding children – in my October 2021 blog.

I have always known something wasn’t right with the covid injection. How? I just knew, as did many thousands of others who refused these jabs.

As always my focus is on the children.

My question, why don’t people do more research instead of listening to the propaganda? Those who were considered conspiracy theorists are now being given due credibility. It is indeed a frightening agenda that promotes these jabs, particularly for children and young adults.

The whole covid virus has been questionable, and with truths now emerging and law suits and trial evidence being prepared, the agenda is still to jab the children.

Covid has never been an emergency for children. Sadly, from the early days of the covid 19 it has been like an unstoppable juggernaut beginning with injecting the elderly, the over 60, over 50 and escalating to talk of under 5 in June 2022.

The FEAR factor has been used to promote this agenda.

Masses of evidence of covid injection injuries, deaths and the statements coming out of various countries, the first being Denmark to state that covid is no longer considered a threat and should be likened to a flu virus.

There are calls to stop these vaccines all over the world whilst other authoritarian governments still push the agenda.

 I have listed some of the facts, that I discovered from hours of  research.

As people choose to do their own research there is a great Yorkshire saying, ‘if in doubt, do nowt.’

There is enough doubt, so consider carefully whether you should allow someone to jab your children.

  1. This is an experimental jab with minimal clinical trials for adults and more importantly children. In the UK the children’s trial for age 5-11 years has only just been authorised and there will be no concrete safety data until 2027.
  2. Children are the least effected by Covid 19.
  3. The injection does not stop transmission to others or even prevent those who have had the shot from getting covid.
  4. There are thousands of scientists, epidemiologists, medics and other professionals all over the world who are calling for the jabs to be stopped. The evidence can no longer be ignored and is mounting. It is now proven the jabs do more harm than good, and should most definitely NOT be given to children.
  5. To constantly subject children to a per test is cruel, traumatic in some cases and a load of baloney as it has been proven and finally admitted these tests are not fit for purpose.

One interesting podcast to listen to is that of Dan Austin Gregory on the 20 January 2022 when he interviews Dr. Ros Jones, consultant paediatrician. She discussed emerging world evidence on the matter of injecting our children.

Also, if you are in an area where your children are still being forced to wear masks, fight for their freedom. Yes as I type even in Scotland today young children are being made to wear a mask for seven hours per day in the school classroom.

How is this effecting their mental health. Poor darlings!

Stay safe everyone and do your research.

Let’s end this blog with a two delightful children reading one of my stories.

Love and blessings