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Child Health Matters

March 29, 2023

What is happening to our children?

Autism, asthma, diabetes, learning difficulties and ADHD.


Having worked in the childcare and education sector for 35 years why am I seeing more cases of Autism, and children with SEND (special educational needs and disabilities) than ever before?

Today this poses a huge topic for discussion, debate, and ultimately research. The fact is the increase is noticeable, hugely so! What can we do as parents within our own parameters? Prevention is always paramount to the cure. Does it begin with what we put in our bodies?

As I study children’s health and vaccine efficiency/injury, I seem to be going constantly into a rabbit hole with my discoveries. Once a godsend, many believe we are now over vaccinating our children?

I believe the evidence is there for those who have the time and patience to do their own research. That which pharmaceutical companies love to hide is beyond belief, and I suggest there is certainly a curtain of deceit draped over our lives and has been for some considerable time. Big Pharma and their multibillion-dollar scam. Hum! They thrive on our ill health and love to prescribe drugs and medications to create more ill health. Side effects!

So here I am again harping on about vaccines, but I am absolutely convinced they are damaging our children. It’s certainly worthy of investigation before you agree to the acceptance of the ridiculous number of jabs, they want to give the little ones.

Forty vaccines before they start school. They seem to like the three in one. Unbelievable!

Over the years, I have had the privilege of meeting some eminent and highly qualified doctors who have done extensive research into childhood vaccines. Interestingly big pharma has always been keen to discredit them. One must question why?

‘No smoke without fire’, is a great quote and usually proven to be true. I am not medically qualified to comment, other than to share my own research, but I have a gut feeling something isn’t right, and believe we should not ignore such instinct.

So, to conclude, as for the huge increases in Autism, ADHD, and other childhood health issues, I am one of the many convinced that the increasing numbers of jabs given to our children has a damaging effect on their health. 

Meanwhile, a few other observations I can comment on.

Let’s begin with the unborn, the precious foetus. Researchers have found that inflammation beginning in the gut, ultimately massively effects brain health and in particular foetal neurodevelopment.

Isn’t it obvious that what goes into our body and in many cases stays there will affect the developing baby? Scientists have recently been able to unlock billions of dollars for research as they have scrambled to understand why there is such a rapid growth in childhood health issues generally, but in particular autism. It was agreed years ago that excessive alcohol, drugs, and smoking would adversely affect the development of the unborn child, but now they know that a child’s immune system and development will be impaired by malnutrition, obesity, infection and autoimmune conditions of the mother. And of course, toxins crossing the placenta! Isn’t that obvious to someone like me who knows nothing!

Inflammation is key. An unhealthy gut produces an unhealthy child, and whilst it might not be intentional, I suspect more of us have an unhealthy gut than we realise.

I used to consider myself to be a healthy eater until I realised whilst I ate plenty of fruit and vegetables, I also consumed far too much sugar, and unhealthy fat.

Something else to consider is serotonin, the feel-good chemical that plays a huge part in the development of the foetus. Seemingly huge numbers of pregnant women suffer depression these days and are given antidepressants. Not good!

So, evidence now strongly suggests that the increase in autism is not primarily genetic, as once thought, but what we choose to put into our bodies, and indeed the bodies of our young children.

Gluten, dairy products, excessive amounts of sugar, processed carbohydrates, food dyes, chemical additives like aspartame. And of course, external toxins especially from vaccines all contribute to childhood diseases.

On that note I will leave you to do your own research.

All food for thought!


Chat soon.