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Rianbo’s Travels

March 7, 2024

Who is our favourite travelling doll? Rianbo, of course.

Here is a short extract from one of our picture books; –


Rianbo is a very special doll.

She is called Rianbo because her clothes are all the colours of the rainbow.

She lives in the red drawer, in the big chest of drawers in the sunshine room at the children’s nursery school.

The children take it in turns to take her travelling.



But who is Rianbo and why take her travelling?

Well, let’s answer the second question first, shall we? Here are a few bullet points.

  1. Its fun, quite simply fun!
  2. It helps children to identify with a character and teaches them responsibility.
  3. Children learn to take care of something which is not theirs and return it in good condition.
  4. They learn to take turns and share.
  5. There is a topic for discussion after their travels. Where they took Rianbo and what they experienced.
  6. A confidence building exercise reciting their journey, particularly at circle time with their peers in nursery/school.
  7. Each child learns about travel, a new location and perhaps different cultures.

Enough reason why she should tag along with your children and I’m sure you could find many more.

Now for the identity question. Rianbo came to me in a vision in 2020.

Wow! So many years ago. What do they say about the passage of time. Life is a journey, and it goes far too quickly. Hum! Now I know my next blog must be on LEGACY, but back to Rianbo. I saw her so clearly and consequently built a children’s short story around her. She later became significant in many of my children’s projects. Today I wish I had the finance and means to develop her character further, with merchandise and perhaps a travelling companion for herself.  Maybe a little green dragon. Thereby lies another story!

Let’s see what the future holds, meanwhile remember imagination is a wonderful characteristic if channelled correctly. It is to be nurtured in our children. Allow them to explore, to express their creativity, and parents don’t worry about them.

Worry is a waste of the imagination.


Chat soon.