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Best Friends

May 27, 2024

Do you have a couple of friends or lots of friends? Or do you just know lots of people who you may call friends and just hang out with them from time to time?

I have learnt that the wonderful and close relationships, those that we have known for many years and can truly call friends are the ones we met in early childhood. Even though our lives may go in different directions, we maintain contact. And when we re-unite, it is as though we have never been parted. True friendship is really to be treasured.

I laughed as two little girls at my nursery school decided to share the same jacket. They mischievously picked it up and managed to put it on with a little help from another of their friends. The teacher left it within reach of little hands, and I am so pleased she did. It gave those two girls so much pleasure. They giggled, pushed, and pulled, fell over, struggled to get up, but were determined to keep going. Wandering around the playground until it was time to go in and settle down for indoor activities, they had enormous fun.

We grown-ups certainly had a few laughs too watching their performance, but more than anything it made me ponder on the value of true friendship and how it is to be treasured.

As for me, I don’t have any friends in my life from my Kindergarten days, but I do from High School. Wow! Have we memories to share. Not least when as Year 11 students we discovered that whilst we proudly had our first boyfriend in hand, it emerged that the same guy was dating each of us. On different days, of course! So, we hatched a plan, and ultimately both decided to ditch him, and have remained friends ever since. We still laugh about this today.

So, what are the qualities of true friendship?

In those early years it is quite simple. Having similar interests, sharing hobbies and fun times.

In later life, honesty has to be one of the key factors. To be willing to tell your friend what you truly think, but not being judgemental if you don’t agree with their behaviour. Being dependable, a listening ear through life’s ups and downs. Being thoughtful, caring, forgiving and importantly being able to laugh together.

I am grateful for the friendships that seemed most unlikely but strengthened with time. Some older than me and others younger!

More than anything I cherish the memories of those special friends who I have sadly lost, as life is a journey and we know not when it will end.

Awh! Did I just end this blog on a sad note?

No. Because memories will stay with us forever.

Chat soon.