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What Inspires You?

January 14, 2019

What Inspires you?


A question that I ask the children in my creative writing workshop. Some of the answers are awesome. Others quite simple but so beautiful. Like the 9 year old who answered, ‘my dad inspires me.’ Awh!


The dictionary definition of the word inspiration is;-

An inspiring or animating action or influence.


Where does that inspiration come from?

  • A thing or a person?
  • A situation or circumstance?
  • A divine influence directly and immediately exerted upon the mind or soul?

People can be inspired to do many things and inspiration comes in so many different forms.


This morning I was thinking of the inspiration behind a piece of writing or music. It usually comes from our own life experiences, be it love or tragedy. Or simply the journey that life has taken us on and the senses that have been provoked.

  • What did we see and observe during that season or incident?
  • What did we hear?
  • What emotions did do we feel?
  • What have we tasted?
  • What have we touched?

Simply put, have we been moved to climb that mountain and strive to attain personal gratification? Or perhaps, we have been inspired to influence and support the lives of others through vocation or charitable works.

Of course we all know that’s where my story began, in Mexico City. Inspired by everything that I lived and breathed I began writing.


Today my vision is more than ever, and the children that I meet in the schools as a visiting author inspire me even more.

Life is a journey, for some the season is longer than others. But we each have our season and time is not to be wasted. For sure there will be many crossroads in life where our decisions may bring about a new season. But, time is so precious and once gone is gone forever. I’m not sure whether I’m speaking to the reader here or my own heart. That’s the beauty of writing. It empties the thoughts from ones’ head.

If something or someone inspires you, follow that God given dream. Hold fast and no matter how long it takes don’t give up.

This is a new year. If it didn’t happen last year that doesn’t mean it won’t happen this year.

Go again!

Try again!

I have been inspired to do many things in my life. Some have happened, others have not. What is so challenging about vision in particular, is that sometimes it’s the right vision at the wrong time. I find it interesting how we can let something go, perhaps give it up so to speak, but several weeks or months later it comes back.


If it won’t go away then surely it’s meant to be.


Please read my blog written on May 10th 2017. I cannot stress enough …….the importance of determination and perseverance.


Life is tough. 9 out of 10 small businesses fail.

Only one person qualifies for that gold medal.

But …..

What if?


Make this year, 2019 the year you try again.


I always conclude my creative writing workshop with the words, ‘I hope I have inspired you.’

So I hope that likewise, whoever reads this blog will be inspired, and even if only one person takes encouragement and tries again, it will have been worth it.


Chat soon.