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Surprises are not always good!

September 19, 2017


Sometimes we just need to write.

One of my favourite expressions is;- it empties the thoughts from my head.

Writing gives us the opportunity to share great experiences, offer support and encouragement to others and, perhaps if needed have a moan. Yes, we all need a moan occasionally, don’t we?

Writing can be so therapeutic. A letter to a loved one or absent friend. A way of expressing our feelings about a situation in a way that perhaps we couldn’t face to face.


This week I have written a letter to my friend, or one would clarify about my friend. Life is full of surprise and sometimes they are ugly. Yes, when we speak of the word surprise our minds conjure up an image of something wonderful and exciting. Well sadly not all surprises are good.

Why is something even categorised a surprise when we are expecting it? When we know something might happen, but we still jump when it does. Hum! Sometimes we’re just never ready for the expected, never mind the unexpected.

Well in the last couple of weeks I lost a very dear friend. The second one in the past 12 months. It makes us question our own immortality when someone close to us leaves us. Adjustments must be made. Life goes on! But things will never be the same.


I needed to express my feelings. I needed to empty the thoughts within my head. So, I wrote the following and called it – My Friend Jayne.

I wrote it for me. I don’t care if no one ever reads it. I just needed to express my feelings, and if you do happen to be reading this and your head is full of clutter, then writing could be your answer too.



Chat soon.






My Friend Jayne


Life is full of surprises

Some really, are not very nice

In fact, life can be quite traumatic

When someone you have always loved and treasured

Suddenly exits, and leaves YOU…. the one feeling numb and dead.


Grief is very personal. 

And we all grieve in different ways

The ones’ left behind are grieving, yet we know our friend is really happy, and has gone to a better place.

A friend of Jesus she has always been.

Anchoring after His presence, oh so many times.

Yet a mixture of emotions I’m feeling. Really angry, and very very sad.

What about the girlie times, the fun and laughter?

The things to do that we dreamed of? The things we’d never had?


Every person is different, Jayne unique beyond all measure.

Her laugh there was no mistaking

Her girlie, gushy froth personality a pleasure.

Oh, she had her moments

What person doesn’t?


And sometimes we wouldn’t see each other for a while as we both dealt with life’s pressures.

But the measure of a true friend

Is when you again get together

It is just like yesterday

Time just cannot be measured.


So, now we have another parting.

The length of this season, only Father in Heaven knows.

But eventually the day will come

When I follow her to Heaven.

And I know my friend will be waiting

All the angels too

And we’ll have our girlie times once again

Till then, Jayne my friend.

I’m really going to miss you.