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Nuggets of Wisdom

September 6, 2022


It’s ages since I did an inspirational blog, and as my personality leads me to be an encourager, I had the idea to do an Inspirational A – Z. My thoughts beginning with ambition, belief and character, I’m finally making a start. Realising how much there is to say on each of these topics I will keep it brief. This is a blog after all, not a thesis.

So, let’s begin with a name for this A – Z. How about Anna’s Nuggets? I like it, even if you don’t! And I have no idea how many people even read my blogs. Though I suppose I could do an analytical study if I really wanted to. Maybe I blog just for me. It empties the thoughts from my head. And that must be good. De cluttering no less!

I talked about the value of writing in my blog on April 4th this year and how therapeutic it is.

Anna’s Nuggets. What indeed is the definition of a nugget?

A small lump of gold, precious metal, or substance perhaps? How about a nugget of wisdom or enlightenment? That’s definitely how I prefer to think of my A – Z.

As I admit reaching my sixties, I realise that whilst there is much more to learn in life, I still have many nuggets of wisdom to cascade down to those who would listen. Indeed, do the younger ones ever listen to the older generations? But then I question, what does age have to do with our journey? Some seem to have a lifetime of experiences in a few years while others plod on uneventfully. Undoubtedly there are times in everyone’s life when we need a little encouragement. Someone to help us separate the wood from the trees. Perhaps pick us up and help us to re-start when we have crashed, or even speak truth which we may not like but need to hear. Yes, we could be grateful for those uncomfortable home truths one day. Did someone say the truth will set you free? An expression which sounds unbelievably painful, to separate the joints from the marrow is a quote I found in the Bible. Now this is not a preach for those of you who would say, ‘I don’t believe in God,’ but isn’t it interesting that the Bible is full of wisdom, particularly the book of Proverbs. I especially like those quotes which speak about the power of the mind, which is profusely confirmed by Neuroscientists today.   

If you realise how powerful your thoughts are you would never think a negative thought again.’ Dr. Caroline Leaf says, Cognitive Neuroscientist, Mental Health and Mind Expert of 35 years.

I digress, back to nuggets. And before I begin with my first nugget – Ambition – take a few moments to be still. Find a quiet place away from the noise and distractions of everyday life and write down your ambitions. Life is a journey, seasons come and go, and we know not when our journey will end. But what ambitions do you want to fulfil whilst here?


Some would define ambition as an intense drive for power, success, perhaps fame.

My question is how do we really measure success? Is it to achieve in business, climb that career ladder? Is it about the type of house we live in, the car we drive?  Does the world push us to be bigger, better, and fancier? Or is our ambition simply to be healthy, comfortable, and content in personal relationships?

At this point I interject with a comical story. Having my own business for nearly 35 years, – with 22 employees – recently a new member of the team was appointed. A lovely girl who had just finished her studies and we talked about her ambition in life. She looked me straight in the eyes and said,’ I want your job!’ I laughed, obviously not expecting that, but loved her boldness. She knew what she wanted to achieve in life and wasn’t afraid to say.

Whatever, ambition can be led by several factors. It could be simply the desire to achieve, to be accepted, recognised, vindicated. Perhaps to feel valued, even loved. But what really drives us? Is it someone we want to impress, if so, who? Or simply do we need it for our own self-worth? Let me throw another thought into the equation. Are we ambitious to achieve for man or God? That of course depends on our belief system and spiritual man. But aren’t we mind body and spirit?

I personally value the approval of God rather than man.

Life is temporal, each person’s journey individual to them, with different challenges and obstacles to overcome. Sadly, I have lost several people far younger than me, and did they fulfil all their ambitions? Only they could answer that.

My question is, do we want to leave this life knowing that we have achieved everything we were meant to achieve? That we were born for a purpose, and we gave it our best. Surely none of us want to live with regrets. Indeed, research has shown me that many people state they would rather die having tried and failed, than let those dream killers throw cold water on their ambition and surrender to them.

I believe that ambition is a good attribute, providing we are ambitious with a clean heart. I believe God has a plan and purpose for every one of us and if we would seek Him, he will reveal what He has ordained for our lives. Then we can be ambitious knowing we have God’s blessing.

The priority in all things in life is Balance. Not to allow our ambition to become overwhelming and overshadow those other important aspects of life, particularly relationships. So, think ambitiously. Failed attempts could simply be our timing is wrong or merely obstacles we need to overcome as we build character through patience and endurance.  We must learn and be encouraged by all those who have gone before us, refused to give in and finally had breakthrough.

I could name many!

As for me personally, at the point of writing this I am still waiting, and ambitiously believing that one day the production I have written – Chavos the Musical – will go on stage.

Will I be in the front row? I hope so!

Chat soon.