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Bug Bolognaise or Caterpillar Curry?

June 24, 2022

I was going to do a blog about faddy eaters thinking how difficult it can be to maintain a healthy diet when our children won’t eat this and that. By that comment you know what I mean. Anything healthy is a struggle in many households, and apparently the UK ranks as one of the highest in Europe for child obesity.

Why? Because our children are consuming too much rubbish. High fat food, processed food, take- a -ways, cakes, sweets, biscuits. Even most of the cereals on the market are unhealthy with children asking for chocolate flavoured breakfasts. Not allowed in my house! As for sugary drinks, stay away from them. And those containing the sugar substitute aspartame are even more deadly.

As diet has been topical for some time now, and we have seen recent advertising campaigns to encourage us to look more carefully at sugar, fat, and even salt intake, we still need to be more objective.

I am reminded of a blog that I wrote in 2018, looking at the negative effects of a can of coca cola. Will I get into trouble for posting that? I doubt it as the article was in the Telegraph first.

Do click on and read the article. How a can of fizzy pop effects the body is astonishing.

Meanwhile, something new for discussion. Insects on the school menu! Nice crunchy grasshoppers perhaps with gravy? I recently heard about this on one of the news channels and everyone seemed alarmed at the thought of the pilot scheme being introduced in Wales. Yes, some meat dishes to be replaced with insects, in primary schools. Bug Bolognaise or Caterpillar Curry, I wonder. OK, I jest, but nevertheless these ideas are being seriously considered with research ongoing at various universities.

So, what’s all the fuss about? In countries such as Mexico, insects are a major part of the diet and always have been. Traditionally passed down from the Aztec Empire many lived on the protein rich bugs, and today they can be purchased in food markets alongside apples and oranges. Whilst I grimaced on my many visits to Mexico and felt sick at the thought of eating the little critters, it is very much a matter of what we are used to. Prawns, shrimps, cockles and more make a tasty sandwich, so why shouldn’t maguey worms, stink bugs, grasshoppers and other creepy crawlies be on our menu?

I remember seeing chocolate coated grasshoppers in a famous London store years ago, and more UK stores have now given shelf life to the critters. So perhaps our primary children should be encouraged to try bug bolognaise after all.

I asked some of the young children in my nursery if they thought we should eat creepy crawlies. Laughing as I did so that they would know I was having fun.

With kind permission from parents, I have posted a photo of two children pointing to images.

‘What these?’ Was the question.

‘Will they wriggle off my fork while I try to eat them?’

And ‘I hope we don’t eat ladybirds,’ exclaimed another. ‘They are so pretty.’

We have several bug hotels to encourage the critters, but we won’t be putting them on the menu any time soon. As for the primary schools in Wales, that remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, thinking of health we are all getting plenty of vitamin D this week. Our children need an abundance of active fun, and there has been no shortage of that with the beautiful weather.

Certainly, ice-creams should be on the menu this week.

Oh, did I hear someone say it is going to rain tomorrow?

Chat soon