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Hum! Just reflecting on my last blog, it could not be further from the truth.

Yes, I was about to fly to Mexico, preceding a very busy agenda, so what happened?
A whirlwind for some, stop signs for many. Life changed overnight as COVID-19 came like an evil spirit from the abyss
I have so much to say, and plenty of headaches, trying to work it all out. Conspiracy theories, hidden agendas. What is going on whilst two thirds of the world are in lock-down?
Arguments as to why suddenly in the U.K. there is an urgency to erect 5G towers everywhere. Within the next 30 days! Do we enter the scientific – on line – debate about the dangers of 5G? What do we know, other than that, which we read? But why is it of concern that many councils, towns and even countries have refused to install 5G without further research. Yet it goes on!
Frightening legislation Worldwide has been rushed through governments in the guise of protecting us, but restricting, and in many cases withdrawing all human rights. In the U.K. it is the Coronavirus Bill. Over 300 pages if you have the time.
Interesting read!! And there is so much more!
I wish I could say here all that I want to. Empty the thoughts from my head, which indeed is what writing is all about. We each have the ability to share knowledge and it is then upon the individual to discern what they believe.
BUT! Yes! Each with their own obstacles and dilemmas to overcome, we trudge forward.
As a nursery owner and childcare provider for over 30 years, my concern is how the current crisis is affecting our children. Also, how it is affecting me as a childcare provider, and more importantly my employees.
On that note I have done two things, slightly out of my comfort zone.
A podcast with regular updates as to how we are coping as childcare providers, offering a service to Key Workers.

I am recording story time for the younger children. It is not as professional as I would like, but I don’t have the luxury of the equipment, nor a studio setting.
What I do have is ME. Doing my best! And that’s all any of us can do at the moment.

This is a difficult time for all of us.
Stay safe everyone.
Chat soon.