Jealousy & Envy

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I have been thinking recently about jealousy and envy. Now I know we have all looked at others on occasions and thought, I wish I had what they have. The question we fail to ask is, would I be willing to go through what they have been through to get it? That’s the reality isn’t… Read more »

London Bound

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Just on my way home from a quick visit to London and the only words that kept circling my mind were, ‘I’m a celebrity, get me out of here.’ Not that I consider myself a celebrity by any means, but it’s a phrase that comes to one’s mind when we find ourselves in situations that… Read more »

Able Writers

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Work isn’t hard when you enjoy it, is it? Well that’s not entirely true but it certainly helps when you are fortunate enough to do what you enjoy and even more so, be paid for it. A full day in school with the Authors Abroad Able Writers Programme, is non stop and challenging. Why challenging?… Read more »

What are we teaching our kids today?

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I really need to grouch about this! Is it really too much trouble to take our litter home instead of dumping it? Worse still when a football club meets regularly on local playing fields and no one collects the litter after the game. Come on guys, shall I name and shame you. Local to my… Read more »

Faddy Eaters

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I am really concerned about the lack of good nutrition consumed by our children today, and that even includes my own grandchildren, in spite of my tumultuous efforts to get them to eat healthy. The sugar crisis has been highlighted for some time but the dilemma isn’t just too much sugar, it’s the lack of… Read more »

No time to write.

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Having the inspiration to write and actually writing can feel like light years apart. Thinking of how many stories I want to tell, the mass of creativity cluttering my head, and yet it still remains there. Filed away! They say there’s  a book in all of us, and indeed there is. Each and everyone of… Read more »

The importance of rest

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It seems a while since all that snow, and since my last blog it returned with a vengeance, leaving me stranded. Snowed in! But at least in the comfort of my own home. A trip to Stoke-on-Trent and a stay over with friends cancelled. A little annoying, the snow certainly has been a hindrance. The… Read more »

World Book Day

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Well for many World Book Day, celebrated in the UK on 1st  March, didn’t happen last week as planned. Yes the snow played havoc with everything including business interruption and school closures. So many disappointed faces as the costumes didn’t come out of the wardrobe. But it wasn’t so bad after all as attire was… Read more »

Inspiring Costa Kids Writing Competition 2018 – Paragraph leads

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2018 Entry paragraph leads…. Choose from one of the following paragraphs to build your story. Write between 500-800 words not including the lead paragraph. Para 1) Winding his way through the dark shadows of the overgrown trees, a pool of light finally shone through revealing the full grandeur of the house. He quietly approached the… Read more »