Happy birthday Rainbow Childcare

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Hi everyone, Today in my local newspaper, an editorial about Rainbow Childcare – celebrating 30 years in business. WOW! Won’t say look forward to the next 30 years! But….. what an achievement – thank you to my great management team and staff. Must keep up the celebrations this year. Anna x    

2017 Inspiring Costa Kids Finalists

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The winners have been notified, the prizes awarded and now it’s time for some reflection before it all starts again. The 2017 #inspiringcostakids #writingcompetition. What can I say? It was an adventure. A learning curve and more than anything a great achievement for organisers and entrants alike. I will post a brief extract from the… Read more »

Celebration Surprise! Surprise!

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  O.K. Tonight is the night. Woop woop! We will be meeting at our venue in Marbella to celebrate with the winners of our 2017 competition. Afterwards, yes when we have celebrated, eaten cake and handed prizes to our winners, details of the 2018 competition will be announced. Will take lots of photos and post… Read more »

Celebration! Celebration!

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  My life is certainly full of colour these days. As I prepare for the #inspiringcostakids writing competition awards here in Spain, it is only about 10 days ago when I had a different celebration in Yorkshire. If you read my blog on the 15th of January you will see I was celebrating 30 years… Read more »


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How many of us really endure, or do most people give up when things get tough? Thinking about success, it undoubtedly goes hand in hand with endurance. Yes there are people in life who are just lucky, but most have to endure to achieve. As a woman in business, I think of some of the… Read more »

2018 – The year of success

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The secret to success in life lies is knowing what God has assigned and gifted you to do. I believe we were all born for a purpose and sadly most people never become what they were born to be. Hum! A sobering thought. In knowing your destiny work towards your goal. Life will throw up… Read more »

What does Christmas mean to you?

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Hi everyone. Only a few days to go and Christmas will be over yet again! With so much planning for Christmas celebrations, the emphasis on spend, spend, spend, and the reality that people spend more than they can afford, what are we doing? Invariably we hear the complaints they have eaten too much, whilst the… Read more »

Time to write

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I love to write and wish I had more time. Then maybe I just have to make time. Ok I’m rambling! Meanwhile, here’s another short story. If you’re like me you have a basket full of odd socks. Hence the inspiration behind my story the life of a sock. Well another thing which seems to… Read more »

Odd Socks

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Last week my little granddaughter came home from school looking fabulous and behaving very excitable, adorning two odd socks! I was then later to find out that it was #oddsockday. After doing a little research I then discovered that it was an awareness day backed by the anti-bullying alliance, in conjunction with Andy and the… Read more »

Thoughts revealed

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Following on the theme of behaviour from my last blog – and the fact that I have just read a batch of children’s stories for the #inspiringcostakids competition – I was thinking of the importance of writing and drawing, whether it be a child holding the pencil or an adult. I have always said, ‘it… Read more »