What Inspires You?

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What Inspires you?   A question that I ask the children in my creative writing workshop. Some of the answers are awesome. Others quite simple but so beautiful. Like the 9 year old who answered, ‘my dad inspires me.’ Awh!   The dictionary definition of the word inspiration is;- An inspiring or animating action or… Read more »

2019 Ready or not!

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Following on from my last blog I seem to be continuing the theme of pets. Probably because they are undoubtedly my best friends and unless I’m travelling, they’re always around. I wonder how many children received a pet for Christmas? Or perhaps the furry battery operated one, as did my granddaughter. An easier choice! Well,… Read more »

Children and pets

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Children and pets. Hum! Hard work but rewarding. I remember my old English teacher who loved animals, had several dogs, cats, a pony and more, but disliked children profusely. Miss Gregg they called her. She moaned regularly in class about how she disliked us and much preferred her pets. So one wonders why she took… Read more »

Claudia Spencer – A spider’s tale

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It’s not often I have time to go into nursery and have fun. I’m the one usually stuck behind a desk. But recently, I had a great time with some of my nursery children at Rainbow Childcare, talking about the life and habits of a spider, and reciting my poem about Claudia Spencer. Even I… Read more »


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Seville has to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The capital of Andalusia in Spain, this 2200 year old city has been voted the top place to visit in 2018 by the Lonely Planet guide. A city which has been on my bucket list for far too long, I finally managed… Read more »

Bologna. Oh Bologna

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Yesterdays blog brought to mind some of the other wonderful places I have had the privilege to visit. Bologna being one of them. Several people have said how much they love the poem that I wrote whilst in Bologna, so just uploaded it – please read and enjoy. Meanwhile – not forgotten about Seville!  … Read more »

Rianbo out and about

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Me and my doll will travel! Recently, I have had the opportunity to visit the most amazing Spanish city – Seville. Will tell you more about that in my next blog. Meanwhile, this was followed by another quick visit to London to the Society of Women Writer’s and Journalists Autumn meeting. I don’t know who… Read more »


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I was thinking about immunisation today and particularly in regard to children. I suppose it was highlighted when local schools sent notifications out recently about the HPV vaccine (Human Papilloma Virus) transmitted through sexual contact. My first thoughts were we really need to protect our children, but what ever happened to under age sex? Is… Read more »

A little encouragement!

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    I felt led to write this short article to encourage someone. Then perhaps I’m the one who needs the encouragement. Oh my gosh, how we all need a little encouragement from time to time, don’t we?   Yes, there’s always someone somewhere thinking of giving up. What phrases come to mind? ‘It’s too… Read more »