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What do we really feel about Social Media?

It’s a new phenomenon to the older generations. Bless my grandma, she wouldn’t have known what to make of it. Good or bad it’s here to stay.

Social media is one of the best outlets to reach the minds of young people, to make a real difference. I am aware that millions of people worldwide use social media networks. In terms of marketing, they say it is the most cost effective way to reach mass amounts of consumers.

With plenty of negative aspects to align with its benefits, I’m finding it very concerning. Not to mention irritating, in spite of the fact that I’m now on the band wagon myself. Yes my recent addition, instagram and a podcast.
Will I ever get time to sleep?

I am disturbingly aware of the problem social media is creating with the youth. I’m seeing first hand the amount of time wasted trying to get the perfect photo for an instagram post, and that is just one of the many negative traits I have noted.

Life is not perfect, we are what we are. Personally I hated my height and have always worn heels. It took me years to accept, ‘I am what I am,’ and be comfortable in my own skin.
In recent years I have had friends in their fifties who have found themselves on their own and chosen to join dating sites. Some of their stories have been laughable. A regular comment, ‘he looked nothing like his photo.’
Really! I wonder why? Could it have been all the photoshop activity or did he just lie about his age and post a ten year old shot?

Whatever, I’m told Social Media is the way forward and I must post more, tweet more and don’t forget to #hashtag.
Oh my days, how time consuming all this stuff is.
Will I reap any benefits from it? A surge in book sales perhaps? We will see!

Meanwhile, Researchers have found that using social media obsessively causes more than just anxiety. Yes, stressing for that perfect photo. I’ve seen it first hand! Most of this social media is on the cell phone.
New research is now proving that excessive mobile phone usage can cause depression, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), impulsive disorder, problems with mental functioning, paranoia, loneliness and more.
What about the ability to simple relate to others? A conversation guys? Or have our kids entered an era when they don’t talk anymore. Where they all sit around a table and message one another? Hum!
Headaches and migraine are reportedly increasing.

My blog post on 5th February this year – cell phones – talks about the dangers of too much usage. Something which I plan to discuss in my October podcast as I chat with both a chiropractor, optician and other specialists.

Yes I’m truly joining the Social Media madness and have people lined up to talk about childcare matters.
Let’s hope I don’t get addicted too!

See you on Instagram folks!