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February 15, 2019

Another fab school visit.
Thank you Norbridge Academy for hosting with children from 4 other schools in the area. What a great day we all had.

Thank you for some of your lovely comments and I really felt at the end of the day I had bonded with all the children. I didn’t want to leave you!

One thing I want to state is that these children were only Year 3 and 4 and excelled beyond all my expectations.
Watch out Year 5 and 6!

I am looking forward to reading some of the finished stories which I didn’t have the opportunity to read on the day.
Such creative minds.

Here is some of the feedback.

Norbridge Academy Mrs Hemsall. ‘Anna encouraged the children to use their own experiences, thoughts and inspirations to start their stories. Sometimes imagination can be a block to getting started.’

Prospect Hill Junior School. Mrs Bradford,’ Anna’s presentation was very engaging and she held the children’s attention well. No one was made to feel pressured and only involved themselves as they felt comfortable. They were all inspired and enthused.’

Holy Family Catholic Church. Mrs Fenton, ‘The knowledge of real life situations in her books was inspiring for the children.’

St Augustine’s. Mrs Hutchinson. ‘Full marks for presentation, rapport with students. Entertaining and educational. Children were all interested in the tasks they were given to create their stories. I would recommend Anna to other schools.’
And the children themselves had this to say,



Best school day ever!
Come back Anna!