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I wanted to say, ‘stuff a cheese roll in it,’ when the food trolley came down the aisle.
Am I rude? Well maybe so, but he was worse!

Thank God it was only a short flight to Spain and not a long haul trip to Mexico, which I envisage soon.
Quite frankly, why are some British people so flipping quiet and frightened to complain? Hence putting up with a rubbish situation. Whilst others are so nauseatingly loud it’s untrue! That’s folk for you. Nobody is perfect, including me.
I can’t believe I took the stance of the put up and say nothing brigade, and kept my mouth shut. Probably because he was behind me and not sitting adjacent, plus a short flight, otherwise I would have had to have my say.

The stewardess picked up on my body language during her safety delivery, and sternly told him off for his ignorance and lack of respect. Yes he may have heard the safety demonstration before, but perhaps others hadn’t. And wasn’t it for his benefit anyway?
He didn’t stop for breath from beginning to end, until I lost sight of him at passport control.
I thought about offering him oxygen when we landed, but I was more concerned with escaping into the fresh air and getting rid of the pounding headache.
And someone said, ‘women can talk.’ Really!

So in my favourite little Spanish town for a few days in the region of Almeria. Much warmer than the UK, I have to say.

Time out to think before the next busy surge of life. And I might even make a new year resolution list.
And why not? It’s never too late.

International research tells us that by the end of January a third of people have already broken their resolution lists.
We know that a goal without a plan is merely a wish. So maybe this week I will have time to do some serious planning away from the daily distractions.
Let’s see what I can achieve on my new year list.
Setting goals now.
Have you?

Chat soon.