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My last blog I chatted about covid vaccines for children so now on a lighter subject, back to literature.

I am thrilled to announce that another picture book in the Rianbo’s Travels range has just returned from the printers. The official launch date is yet to be released but as the title is, Rianbo goes to London, I suspect we will release in 2022 which is a very special year for Londoners, UK residents and more importantly our Queen.

Wow! Her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth will be celebrating her a very special anniversary, 70 years on the throne. The longest reigning monarch in the United Kingdom. What an achievement!

She has not been very well recently and unfortunately had to cancel several high profile visits and meetings.

Praying for a speedy recovery and no hiccups before her great celebration. So sad that her husband – The Duke of Edinburgh – died a few months before his 100th birthday.

So, Rianbo’s Travels is a series of picture books based on my own nursery doll and how the children take it in turns to take her travelling.

Yes, she has been to some amazing places including Mexico, Beijing, New York and more. I really would love to see dozens of these stories which I believe are inspiring, educational and of course introduce the pre- school children to different cultures.

That said, it is surprising how much work and planning goes into the development of a picture book, not to mention money.

Unless you sell thousands there is certainly little or no profit in the project but from my point of view an achievement to be proud of nevertheless.

Yes we did it all ourselves folks except for the illustrator of course who deserves much credit.

Lisa Fox did a great job, though I didn’t give her much poetic licence as I planed every scene meticulously, modelled on my own travel experiences and nursery setting.

So a sneaky preview of a couple of images prior to the official launch of the book in 2022.

Other books in the series can be ordered from  

I wonder where Rianbo will go next? Barcelona I think!

Chat soon.