US criticises Mexican response to trafficking

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Mexico's response to the ongoing problem of human trafficking has not been sufficient, the US State Department has said. According to a report from the organisation, funding for victim services has been "inadequate" in recent years, CNN reports. The US State Department also criticised the length of the sentences being handed out to criminals involved… Read more »

ATL: Lack of reading skills among children is a concern

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Schools in Wales might be keen to step up investment in key stage 2 books after a union said children cannot afford to fall behind at this level. According to the Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL), it is concerned by the number of pupils who are failing to reach the required reading and writing… Read more »

Calderon ‘deeply aggrieved by Mexico’s pain’

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Mexico's president has revealed that the country's ongoing drug war has left him feeling "deeply aggrieved". Felipe Calderon recently met with families who have been affected by drug-related violence in recent years and told them he too has been hurt by "Mexico's pain". He admitted that the government had made some mistakes in trying to… Read more »

Mumsnet: Literacy problem cannot be ignored

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Schools may be tempted to invest in more key stage 2 books after a prominent website said action to improve child literacy needs to be taken. According to Mumsnet, people cannot shrug their shoulders and accept the fact many youngsters are leaving mainstream education with little or no reading capabilities. Speaking to the Evening Standard,… Read more »

US aims to support Central America in tackling violence

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Central American countries such as Mexico are to receive greater support from the US as part of an effort to curb ongoing violence in the region. According to Hillary Clinton, the US secretary of state, countries in the area need to focus on directly attacking criminal groups, strengthening the rule of law and tackling corruption…. Read more »

Mexican drug boss detained

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Police in Mexico have been praised by the president of the country for capturing the head of a notorious drugs cartel. Jose de Jesus Mendez Vargus, the leader of La Familia and also known as The Monkey, was arrested in Aguascalientes, which experts believe will prove to be a blow for organised crime in Mexico…. Read more »

Mexico caught in ‘food paradox’

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Mexico is facing a number of conflicting food-related problems that need to be dealt with, a United Nations official has stated. According to Oliver De Schutter, special rapporteur on the right to food, many people in the country are unable to invest in healthy and nutritious meals, Fox News reports. This, he said, is because… Read more »

Clinton ‘concerned’ about violence in central America

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An aide of the US secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, has explained that the politician will join forces with central America after becoming concerned about the drugs war taking place in the region. Arturo Valenzuela, the assistant secretary of state for Western Hemisphere affairs, told AFP that Clinton is looking to increase United States engagement… Read more »


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Creativity This morning woke up to birds singing, peacocks mewing and sun shine. I am visiting friends in rural Spain and should be feeling creative. Drrrrr can’t stop sneezing! Is this hay fever? I hope not. I grew out of that, years ago. Didn’t I? Maybe a Snickerdoodle and a coffee is just what I… Read more »