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The Sock Thief!

September 21, 2023


Well, it has been rather wintery this last couple of evenings, so the summer sandals have been replaced with the trainers and socks. Yes, that recent heatwave was lovely especially as I happened to be in the Channel Islands at the time. What a fabulous week on a beautiful Island.

Jersey you will see me again!

Meanwhile, the socks. And if you are like me, you will seem to have a never-ending issue with missing or lost socks. Likened to teaspoons, I can never find a teaspoon when I need one. And then there is the saga of course of the missing pens. Indeed, where do all the flipping pens go? That said, today I am focusing on socks. Why do all my socks seem to disappear?

Is there a sock thief in the house? Hum! Is it because I have several granddaughters and every time they visit, they seem for some reason to need a pair of socks? And of course, they know where nanny’s sock draw is. But more than that. Why is my sock drawer always full of odd socks?

It really is now quite irritating, though to the girls it has become a joke. I regularly buy a few pairs from my favourite store and suddenly realise I still have no socks! Where are they? Even most of the new purchases seem to have gone missing!

‘The sock thief has been again,’ I shout, as the giggles are heard around the house.

Do they ever return despite my granddaughters’ persistent promises? Of course not!

The next question is, why do I have so many odd socks? I know these days it has become fashionable to wear odd socks, – and we do celebrate odd sock day – but is that something we do to try and celebrate a puzzling scenario? There is either a sock thief or an inexplicable situation. I repeat, where do all those lost sock go?

Several years ago, I wrote a story about lost socks, recorded it and later posted it on YouTube. When I read it to children in a local school, they absolutely loved it. In this instance the sock thief was the washing machine. Two went in, one came out! Explain that!

I used the scenario looking at socks in relation to people. We are different, individual, and our differences make us unique and should be celebrated. Hence the joy in wearing odd socks.

Apparently, scientists have even developed a formula to calculate the probability of losing individual socks. Based on factors such as family size, complexity and degree of attention when doing one’s laundry, they have discovered that socks go missing at an alarming rate. Seemingly, at least 15 socks per person per year are lost. Well, those scientists certainly didn’t ask me and my household because apart from the sock thieves that come around i.e. sweet little granddaughters, I certainly lose more than 15 socks per year.

Meanwhile here is a link to my story. The Life of a sock. Nov 2017

Pour yourself a drink, listen and enjoy.


Chat soon.