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Electric, not for me!

February 21, 2024

Driving these days can be stressful to say the least. Heavy traffic, crazy drivers – and there are plenty of those on the roads – and now the electric dilemma.

Indeed, the electric drama!

I didn’t want an electric car! I had plenty of reasons why, and argued my case fervently, but clearly was beaten down. A company car, ‘the way forward,’ insisted the accountant and tax adviser, they won. As a driver of a hybrid for several years I had been content, it proving to be wonderful for charging and dodging about locally. A full tank of fuel on longer runs, no problem. But as I drove my new car off the forecourt several months ago, I remained to be convinced.

The car served me well, fabulous to drive and all within 150-mile radius until last week. Heading South, irritable was an understatement. It was obvious that I would need to re-charge to fulfil the return journey, and to my amazement the hotel that I had booked for my overnight stay had not yet installed a charging point. A Hilton no less, I expected more!

Knowing the time schedule was tight, it made sense to top up on my outward journey as the following day would be a quick return. I certainly wouldn’t have time to park up and charge somewhere even with so called rapid charging points. I hear you say, set off earlier. Hum!

Encountering heavy traffic steadily moving forward on the infamous M1, my first irritation was indeed the motorway services. With very few charging points and all full, I made the decision to carry on to the next services.  Second irritation, another motorway services, two points not working, others occupied. Ok a quick Costa, checking the charge station thinking someone may have left, but no luck, so onward and southward again.

Arrival at my destination for afternoon meetings came the third irritation. Where to charge before supper?

‘MacDonalds, just around the corner.’ I was told.  Fine, that would work, wouldn’t it?

Well, I could see Macs but getting to it was another matter. Challenging to say the least! Roundabouts, one-way systems, and dodging nutcases at every other steering wheel, I missed the turning twice. I have to say I do find the standard of drivers on the roads today rather worrying.

So, after 10 minutes at the first charge station attempting to pay, and a scratched screen refusing to read the card, clearly that wasn’t going to happen. Next plan, download the App, but wanting to send me passcodes which I wasn’t receiving, the only words I kept repeating were. ‘I never wanted a flipping electric car in the first place.’

Struce, finally I managed to obtain an extra 30 miles, time to go. ‘I’m a celebrity, get me out of here,’ came to mind. I’d had enough!  I really didn’t want to spend a chunk of my evening sitting in McDonalds when I had a lovely hotel to return to. And I certainly didn’t want a flipping burger, so back to the hotel.

The saga continues. Next day still not enough charge to take me home. You can’t make this stuff up!

Fourth irritation, pulled into a motorway service heading north and two charge stations out of order. The maintenance guy sitting in his van supping coffee, explained one point would be up and running soon. Yeah! Finally easy to plug in and a speedy charge, Costa Coffee I’m on my way, while the poor girl who pulled in next to me, voiced her exasperation. Meanwhile, as I moaned about my own electric car and all the reasons why I never wanted one, he made me laugh.

‘I work on these machines all day love and I would never have an electric car. That girl is waiting to charge after you.’

I quote, ‘I’ve just driven from Sussex,’ she exclaimed. ‘This electric car thing is driving me nuts. This is the second time I’ve had to stop and wait around for a point and then I’ve ended up with a slow charger. I never wanted a flipping electric car, anyway.’

My sentiments entirely.


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