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January 10, 2024


A 2024 turnaround!

So, I’m going to talk about Boxing Day, the 26th of December and my observations.  Why am I talking about this after the event? Indeed, why not? My point is as we go into a New Year, perhaps we should enter that year beginning with education. It makes me realise how little we know, how we accept so much without question and quite simply go with the flow, following like sheep.

Perhaps it is time to question things more and stop following the crowd. Perhaps it is time for new beginnings, not new year resolutions! Or are the two one of the same?

More than anything, do we need to be less selfish and educate our children to care more about others? Certainly, the young ones today have become lovers of self with no thought of others. If I see another teenager taking selfies, I will scream!

Boxing Day! Did you know that during the reign of Queen Victoria, the day after the Christmas celebrations was used to give gifts to the poor? Households with servants used the opportunity to give their workers and tradespeople a day off. Unwanted items – not necessarily new – were boxed up as gifts to the poor, and during the period proceeding Christmas, collections were made in churches in what was known as alms boxes, and the money distributed to those in need.

In recent years, whilst there are many groups aiding those who are less fortunate, food banks supplying all that is needed to make a Christmas dinner, and indeed some homeless shelters even opening their doors and making a meal, are in the minority.

For the most part we have forgotten the real reason behind Boxing Day – and don’t get me started on Christmas – with society attending costly and extravagant sporting events, and many rushing off to the sales to spend more money on themselves.

With the world in turmoil, many countries at war, others facing untold dilemmas and challenges, we really need to teach our children the meaning of gratitude. Many mums and dads need to learn that too!

Let’s go into 2024 with a grateful heart. Count our blessings. And remember any day can be Boxing Day.

Perhaps we need to focus more on the word, ‘Legacy.’  When we come to the end of 2024 what will our legacy be?


Happy New Year.