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The Rights of the Child.

June 5, 2023

Last weekend I was thinking about children whilst enjoying the fabulous weather, here in Yorkshire.

My plan, was to stay home, enjoy the stillness, the colours in the garden – admiring my well cultivated rockery – a gentle breeze drying washing on the line – and nothing but the sound of the birds and an occasional flight as it bypassed enroute to the local airport.

I’m told I’m not the only one who takes pleasure in watching the washing blowing gently in the breeze. Hum! The simple things in life we take for granted!

Without doubt, we must all make the most of those rare opportunities to savour quiet time. Escape from the world and be still. So alone with my thoughts, other than the companionship of my two little dogs hidden in the shade – who only moved when they heard the word, treat – all was good. Enjoying the day, until after a light lunch and a quick tune in to daytime television, I was suddenly back to reality and the question, has the world gone mad, or has it always been this way?

There were queues and problems at several UK airports, delays and those situations which would stress even the most placid of personality. The Bank Holiday weekend after all, with thousands planning that quick getaway. I am seriously contemplating more stay vacations in the UK this year. A threatened heat wave in Spain – no thankyou – and a new car on the drive, life sounds more appealing locally.

So, what’s going on that the media disturbs my tranquillity? Is it the nonsense that I hear about of at least 57 genders, even 90 plus? And how within the educational system we must now probe, pursue and discuss gender. ‘Are you sure you are happy in your body? Do you really want to be a girl? You can be a boy if you choose, or even consider other options.’

Dear God!! This indeed is utter madness.

As I then heard an interview with a teacher dismissed for addressing a student with the incorrect pronoun. Can we just use Christian names and keep it simple please?

And I would certainly be taking the case to an employment tribunal if I was him.

Spending time in my Yorkshire nursery I always take delight in the many happy faces, the enjoyment of outdoor play, and children being children. No cares, just enjoying!

Most have siblings and sadly many are living in divided homes, which with the best intentions of both parents still causes some challenges. When one parent chooses different options to the other, be it education, discipline, relationships, gender, or other life choices, it usually causes a degree of difficulty.

Clearly a child’s welfare must be central to all decisions, and I certainly believe from early years to teens they need both male and female perspectives. For me, it’s simple. There are two genders, and when I hear there are at least 57, I know the world has truly gone mad. I did my own research and could name a few but don’t have the inclination. If you are so interested, the various lists are to be found, so Google yourself. My question is, ‘who makes this stuff up?’

Seemingly, Cisgender is the term used when the assigned sex at birth matches identity. I had never even heard of the word until this week.

If it wasn’t sad, it would be hilarious! What are we allowing a small percentage of people to do to our children?

Children are children, they don’t need to go on an emotional psychological journey to research whether they could have been born in the wrong body. Allow them to identify as who they choose during those early years and it’s usually a princess or a digger driver. The worst scenario is to introduce confusion. Gender identity if questioned is complex and usually resolved by identifying the root cause and introducing counselling as a preliminary action. Pursuing life changing agendas with medical, emotional, and physical consequences worries me.

The mind is powerful and whilst I think about choice and the rights of the child, I believe we often fail to protect our children by allowing them to take the lead in decisions which they don’t have the maturity or wisdom to discern or understand.

Meanwhile, from preschool to university, and there is clearly some weird – very woke – thinking coming out of universities these days, I’m now planning a quick visit to the beautiful city of Cambridge. Looking around a few universities with my granddaughter, I certainly will not impose my choices. She is old enough to decide!

As it’s half term many of the students will be away and we aim to relax and travel by train, I am so pleased to hear than the massive rail strike is planned for the day after the Cambridge visit.

Disruption, chaos all around us. Stay calm Anna!

I will end this blog with an incident and whilst I recognise this for its simplicity, I recall this as an example of a young teenager wishing they hadn’t rushed into decision making based on what was fashionable at the time.

I am speaking of body tattoos involving a large expanse of flesh and the notion several years later. ‘Why did I do that? But it was the fashion and everyone was doing it!’


Chat Soon.