Terms and Conditions #inspiringcostakids competition

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Terms and Conditions Kids on the Costa Writing Competition 2017 #inspiringcostakids 26th May 2017.       This competition is organised by Sharon House Publishing Ltd (UK Registered company 4840060) in conjunction with Kids on the Costa SL and Marbella Life Style Rtv. Entry to this competition is open to persons who will be aged… Read more »

Hidden Within

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It takes a week or there about To relax and empty one’s head So, book that holiday A retreat if you will And rid the mind of the pressure therein That, which you call your daily stress. Once relaxed you can truly empty The thoughts from deep within The ideas, inspiration, imagination Call it what… Read more »

She loved to write

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She loved to write It was an opportunity to empty the thoughts from her weary head Oh, how it pained her until they were released Then, she relaxed. She felt better! She loved to write her letters It was her coping mechanism Her therapy and her healing. She said it all An emotional avalanche, released… Read more »

Creative minds

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Oops there’s been a slight delay in the launch of our children’s writing competition. #inspiringcostakids That said – only a couple of days. Meanwhile, I was doing some thinking myself this morning. As these thoughts came into my head, I posted them on my short story & Poetry page. If you feel led, please go… Read more »


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Now that’s what I call determination. How many times did Thomas Edison attempt to create the light bulb before he finally succeeded? Oh only 10,000 I’m told! Thomas Edison’s view on life was quite refreshing. When asked about all his failures he turned failure into positivity and is quoted to have said, ‘I haven’t had… Read more »

Feeling sluggish!

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I don’t like slugs and snails and just returned home to find all these tiny little monsters circling my doorstep. Ergh, crunch! I flattened three at least. How yuk! Then I started thinking about the Spanish slug crisis. What’s the difference between a slug and a snail? I’m told a slug is a snail with… Read more »