Inspiring Costa kids

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Oops! What did I say? Seems I suggested we should do a writing competition for the kids on the Costa and suddenly, hey presto – we did just that! The details, to be released shortly. I am just on my way to meet the fabulous Emma Emma Emma from Marbella Life Style, Rtv, and Lynne,… Read more »

Easy listening

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Hi guys Just a quick blog to say if you follow the links you can listen to some short extracts from the Chavos Novels.   The Coffee Shop – The Sewers – Bobby Sniff – Hope you enjoy listening. Excuse the Yorkshire accent but then that’s me. Born and bred, true Yorkie!   Blessings Anna… Read more »


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Why is it whenever I travel people irritate me? Now I’m far from perfect and I am very conscious of that great scripture: ‘take the plank out of your own eye before criticising someone else.’ But these are just a few travelling irritations. • Greed… I am fortunate to be able to use the airport… Read more »