The needs of a child

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What do children need? Children’s needs change as they grow but basically we can describe them as Physical, Emotional and Intellectual. We may all satisfy our children’s needs in different ways. Some parents are naturally more loving; others find it difficult to express their emotions. Some parents strive for more physical achievement in their children… Read more »


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Just a quick blog as I pause for thought. ‘I just don’t get it – dressing up children as dead people covered in blood or witches or the devil …. and then we lament about the evil in the world and cry over real dead children. People there is a real dark side out there… Read more »

Child Health

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‘I’m hungry Nanny. What can I have to eat? I’m starving! I’ve hardly eaten anything all day.’ Familiar words at the end of the day when you collect them from school perhaps? Hum! Then we go through the same ritual every time. Have an apple, an orange, a banana maybe. No, they want cake, crisps,… Read more »