A little encouragement…

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I wanted to write something to inspire and encourage those creative people out there who feel they are stuck, going nowhere.   I suppose it’s something like drilling for oil. It may take a long time and tons of patience but don’t be tempted to give in. Imagine the thought that you threw in the… Read more »

The Kidnap

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The household at Devereux Lodge was buzzing with activity, as the Senora prepared for a meeting down town near the Gali-Gali Café Bar. Lettie was in the kitchen baking bread and Estanislo in the study discussing the re-building of the stable block with Poncho. Alfie, the old gardener, was most anxious that the proposed re-development… Read more »

Book review

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I have recently released the first 4 picture books in my new series – Rianbo’s Travels, of which I have been very excited, shortly to be followed by the release of an e book by my lovely friend Sarah Tun. So whilst planning another of Rianbo’s Travels I have taken some time out to post… Read more »


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So here’s a note to all those writers out there. Ever dreamed about being discovered? Of course you/we have! Will someone notice your writing and offer you that amazing life changing deal? I/we wish! I suppose the only way to become a good writer is to write. Find your writer’s voice and write. Now in… Read more »