Rainbows End

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‘What is your name?’ ‘Budekiah.’ ‘What a weird name! Bud..a..what?’ ‘Budekiah.’ ‘Who are you? How did I get here? Where am I?’ ‘This is the entrance to Rainbow’s End. You were dreaming, and stepped into your dreams. But you can’t stay, you have to go back. It’s not your time.’ Momentarily she was mesmerised by… Read more »

Street Kids Don’t Cry

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‘What’s the commotion?’ asked Angelina, bobbing her head around the shelter entrance. ‘Uhm noise!’ mumbled Roberto. ‘Can’t anyone get any sleep around ‘ere? Shut up you lot, I’m sleeping.’ ‘If you are, you’re talking in your sleep.’ Came the quip from Dolita with great amusement. Roberto tutted ignoring her. ‘Will it hurt?’ whimpered Mikey. ‘Don’t… Read more »


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  Just been doing some browsing and realised it is the children’s international book fair in Bologna in a couple of months. I attended in 2011 and what a fab time that was. Not the book fair, though that was interesting, but visiting the awesome city of Bologna. So on that note I thought I… Read more »