The School Bus

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‘I’m bored, and can’t bear the thought of staying here all weekend. I was looking forward to the trip to Birkdale High and that game of lacrosse.’ ‘Well, you can’t play lacrosse with a swollen foot. Actually, you should be resting or the chances are you won’t be playing next weekend either. Besides, why didn’t… Read more »

Reading stories

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Not blogged for a while – been a little busy – #writing! Just about to post my latest short story for children. Please feel free to chill with a drink and have a look at my short story & poems page. #reading Have a good weekend all. Anna

A Spider’s Tale

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My name is Claudia Spencer And I live in a beautiful house. It’s actually the Spencer household So I figured, I had the right to share their name. Now my home is in a dark corner. Hidden from where all can see. Because, if Mama Spencer continues with her hectic lifestyle I’ll be lucky if… Read more »

The House Spider

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Why do so many of us hate the little house spider so much? Well not so little in some cases. Two nasty looking BIG ones in my house this week. One of my granddaughters goes bonkers and does a runner when she discovers a spider, whilst the younger one just expresses great interest in its… Read more »

A Letter to God

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As written in my journal in the city Cathedral whilst in Bologna on 1st April 2011.  13.00. If you don’t believe and don’t want to read my letter to God, then don’t read it. But if you don’t have something to believe in, what’s life all about?   A Letter to God Today Oh Lord,… Read more »


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Welcome to 2016 and I pray that this year meets all your expectations and that it is good. As I think of the year ahead and make my bucket list as I always do, it is interesting to look back at ones’ achievements. I have learnt that no season lasts forever and though tough times… Read more »