My Friend Dee – Special Commendation!

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I am pleased to announce that ‘My Friend Dee’ has been awarded a Special Commendation by the Eleventh International Short Story Contest!  Winners can be viewed here! readers keep your eye out for My Friend Dee appearing in a future issue of the magazine! My Friend Dee ‘Why can’t I be the teacher?’… Read more »

Inspired to write?

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They say everyone has a book in them – don’t they? Actually most of us have far more than one book stored up in there. So that’s a certain under statement if ever I heard one. The problem is few of us can be bothered to write the flipping thing. Actually, that’s probably not a… Read more »

What if…..

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Having a vision for life is so important. Something which I regularly blog about to encourage people and keep me focused. Having a vision makes you wake up in the morning and bound out of bed, doesn’t it? That purpose for living that we all need. Passion, motivation, direction, purpose. It’s all ultimately about vision. Where… Read more »