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Several years ago if someone had told me that I would be writing children’s books, establishing a charity to support and rescue street kids, as well as running Rainbow Child Care Yorkshire Ltd – which celebrated 25 years in business in 2013, whoop whoop – my response would have been; are you crazy? No not… Read more »


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Well that’s it, I’m officially there. The London Book Fair and Sharon House has it’s first exhibition stand. If all goes well it will be Frankfurt in October. So this is the moment when I get to showcase the Chavos Brand to the world. Well maybe I exaggerate, but to all those who venture along… Read more »


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Well whose a happy bunny and I’m not thinking about Easter and chocolate yet, but I managed to dodge some of the cold Yorkshire weather and escape to Spain for a few days. So great to catch up with friends but missed Mothers Day with my kids. That’s life! It seems like the celebration originally… Read more »