A vision birthed

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Sharon House Publishing was founded primarily to publish; Chavos – The Kids of Distrito Federal and ultimately to develop the company as a respected publishing house of children’s books. Initially, with little knowledge of the industry but a vision which has developed over the past few years the business is now ready to showcase its… Read more »


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Since returning to the office on 5th January this year its been incredible! I work with some great guys and its unbelievable how much we have achieved in one week. It is no secret that I have a children’s day nursery, and with 21 staff its clearly obvious we are very busy. Children have always… Read more »


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Oh my gosh, it really is 2015 and I just can’t believe it. Are you one of those people who are thinking where did the years go? It doesn’t seem long since the millennium celebrations and here we are, fifteen years on. So bucket list made, looking forward to the new year and hoping everyone… Read more »