Catch up!

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What a busy but exhilarating couple of weeks. Several walks around the local country park with Butler and Gracie my faithful doggy friends, in-between business commitments, a great school visit, planning and development sessions not to mention I even found time to do some editing and writing. I think I have discovered the 8 day… Read more »

Just a thought!

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    Ever stop to think if you have any habits that need to go or sayings that consistently get on someone’s nerves like O.K. Yes I remember many years ago watching myself on a training video and was surprised and most irritated by the number of times I actually said O.K. I don’t do… Read more »

Why blog?

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Chatting to an old friend yesterday who said he enjoyed reading my blogs I realised I hadn’t done one for a while, but more than anything I began to think why do I actually blog? Why does anyone blog? People blog for a variety of reasons and some make a living out of it but… Read more »