Chavos Musical

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Just a quick update about the Chavos Musical. For all you musical theatre buffs, Chavos is developing nicely. Pre-production is going well and all scenes are planned, dialogue sorted and, whilst a huge chunk of the music is in various stages of development, this week there has been a huge leap forward in that area…. Read more »

Sin of Omission

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Well I was just chilling over the weekend and reflecting on the achievements of my very busy week, when I stumbled upon a very thought provoking article about omission. It somewhat confirmed my thoughts on a few things that had bothered me in the news last week and whether I was doing enough to make… Read more »

Pink shoes

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In-keeping with some of my recent blogs and hammering on about a positive attitude, de-cluttering and getting negative people out of our lives I’ve had an interesting few days myself. Totally unplanned, – but when a friend visited – and during some of that girlie chat that we all love I proceeded to pull a… Read more »

Mount Everest

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On April 28 in my blog entitled ‘Frustration,’ I was talking about de-cluttering both practically and emotionally, learning to let go of things that we shouldn’t be hanging on to. To move forward pursuing that goal or dream that, we have been harboring for all too long. Since then I have been pre occupied with… Read more »


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I have just enjoyed a week on the Costa del Sol and never gave a thought to the weather in Yorkshire as I was too pre-occupied with the glorious sunshine, the fresh air and plenty of exercise. There’s nothing better than a walk along the sea-front and on this trip I had the advantage of… Read more »