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If you have read my last couple of blogs you will see I have been answering some of the questions people most regularly ask me, but primarily I am talking about vision. In this case my vision for the Chavos Brand and my hopes to make a difference in the lives of some children at… Read more »

When do you write? Where? How do you write?

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Much asked questions;- But I seem to do most of my brain-storming in public places, particularly when I’m travelling, out and about, and people watching.  Folk don’t know that I’m watching them of course, I do it discreetly, but characters and people’s behaviour fascinates me. That’s why it’s always so important to have a note… Read more »


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I’ve gone away for a few days to finish some long overdue writing, simply because it’s impossible to write at home amongst the mayhem and craziness of my very busy life. Yes that’s my life, somewhat of a whirlwind until I decide to disappear for a few days and re-evaluate. Makes me think of these… Read more »

It’s a dogs life

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As I am setting a few days aside this week to finish some writing, I was also brain-storming a few ideas for future projects. One being,  I simply have to write a picture book about my two little dogs, Butler and Gracie. Yes, how we love our dogs! So cute, inquisitive and loyal, I often… Read more »