Sunshine and Snow

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Sunshine and Snow Actually, this blog doesn’t sound very exciting but in fact it is as it’s speaking of exciting things to come. I have to confess that I have left all you Yorkies behind and sped off to Spain. Fortunately for me, in between the chaos caused by the snow at Leeds-Bradford airport, there… Read more »


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Grassington 12 March 2013 01:30PM   So a fab morning was spent on World Book Day at Grassington Primary School with year 4, 5 and 6. They were all interested and enthusiastic about my visit, especially the younger ones in year 4 who were most receptive and full of questions. After 3 days, it was… Read more »

Chavosing in Wharfdale

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Chavosing in Wharfdale 08 March 2013 10:00AM Well! That’s the second school visited this week that didn’t look anything like a school. What an awesome building! It was actually built in 1601 and adjacent to the quaint and historic church of St Wilfrids. The school has always been a school, and though extended in parts… Read more »

Masham to Burnsall

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Masham to Burnsall 06 March 2013 08:00AM     With an early start Tuesday morning, I left home at 6.30am heading for the Yorkshire Dales and my first school visit at Masham Primary School. Of course it was an absolute contrast to last week when I visited London, but equally as enjoyable. Why do I… Read more »

Hampstead school visit

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Hampstead school visit 01 March 2013 12:00AM     This is just a quick note to say thanks to year 6 kids at Hampstead Parochial C E School. It was a privilege to meet you all and if I have the opportunity I would certainly love to visit the school again. I don’t say that… Read more »