Budget cuts ‘could harm schools’ literacy schemes’

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School pupils across the UK could be left without careers advice services and literacy schemes as research suggested that budget cuts will hit young students hardest. The Guardian has found that the education secretary's plans to put education at the forefront  will also result in vital parts of future planning and learning initiatives being lost…. Read more »

Police arrest man with links to Mexico’s most wanted

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A man linked to one of Mexico's most wanted criminals has been arrested on suspicion of drug trafficking. The federal police in the country captured Luis Rodriguez Olivera, known as "El Guero" yesterday (December 28th) after a reward of up to $5 million (£3.2 million) was offered by US officials. He was caught in Mexico… Read more »

National curriculum reforms postponed to 2014

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Proposed reforms of the national curriculum will take place a year later than planned, it has been announced. Initially set to be rolled out in 2013, reforms of the education system will now be postponed to give time to consider feedback and more improvements. Education secretary Michael Gove said: "The longer timescale will allow for… Read more »

Trainee teachers ‘fail basic literacy tests’

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Young children taking literacy classes in school could be taught by a teacher who struggled to gain basic numeracy and literacy qualifications, according to new figures. The Department for Education revealed that some new teachers could have taken up to 39 tests before gaining a qualification to enable them to teach in schools. Trainee teachers… Read more »

Mexican gang member ‘fled country in fear of death’

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A member of one of Mexico's violent drug cartels was fleeing the country in fear of "certain death", according to new court reports. The Associated Press has revealed that a high-ranking member of the Gulf cartel's Matamoros operations was trying to get away from being killed by rivals when he was caught near the Rio… Read more »

Feliz Navidad

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Hi everyone. Since my last blog I have done a mad dash to Spain to catch up with friends and an overnight stay to London to see the musical Shrek. How awesome was that! So, only a few days to go and actually it will all be over. Awh! Too true.  People put so much… Read more »

Students ‘could suffer without EMA’

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Schools that offer the education maintenance allowance (EMA) to encourage students to attend classes could see cuts to the system, which one expert has deemed not beneficial for the future. A spokesperson from Push.co.uk, an independent guide to UK education, suggested that scrapping the EMA initiative could cost a lot more in the long term…. Read more »

Mexican gangs use a guise to get money past US customs

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Mexico's largest drug cartels have found a new way of transporting their illicit money gained through trafficking and smuggling across the US border without being caught out. Cash from crime, blackmail, drugs and fraud is being transferred south under the pretence of legitimate cross-border trade, the LA Times reports. US officials have said that the… Read more »

National curriculum ‘needs to be improved’

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The national curriculum should be made more rigorous, according to one expert. Nick Seaton, chairman of the Campaign for Real Education, an initiative to press for higher standards and more parental choice in state education, suggested that the quality of teaching and the curriculum should be bettered before educational facilities begin thinking about applying for… Read more »