Mexico police seeking suspects after arson

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The Mexican police force are seeking seven suspects following an arson attack on a casino in Medina that resulted in the deaths of 52 individuals. Up to 12 perpetrators are thought to have been involved in the incident, with five already in custody by the Mexican authorities, Nuevo Leon state governor Rodrigo Medina revealed. Terrified… Read more »

Funding to help provide more teachers in Glasgow

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A new round of government funding has delivered an extra £500,000 for schools in Glasgow to take on extra teachers. 26 of the 30 secondary level institutions in the city will each receive an additional teacher to help to drive up educational standards over the coming months. The scheme is being used as a pilot… Read more »

Finalists announced for Billboard Mexican Music Awards

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The contenders for the first annual Billboard Mexican Music Awards have been announced, with singer Gerardo Ortiz leading the way. Ortiz has been nominated in ten different categories for the awards show, which will take place at the Orpheum Theater in Los Angeles in October. He is one of several rising stars of the Mexican… Read more »

Mexico welcomes mariachi bands from around the world

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The annual International Mariachi and Charreria Conference got underway last weekend and saw more than 40 mariachi bands from across the globe parading through the streets of Guadalajara. It was organised by the Guadalajara Chamber of Commerce and involved mariachi representatives from a host of countries, including Sweden, the US, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador and Mexico… Read more »

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¡Conocerlo es amarlo!  ( transalated: knowing it, is loving it! ) I finished my last blog with the question; do I really want to go back to Mexico? And the answer is most certainly yes! I can’t wait. Yeah there’s a lot of bad publicity at the moment, especially relating to the drugs and this… Read more »

Children ‘should be encouraged to read widely’

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UK children should be encouraged to read in a wide range of mediums, not just books, but also websites, newspapers and magazines, a sector expert has claimed. Di Hatchett, director of the Every Child a Chance Trust, said kids should not simply be encouraged to read books, but they should be given license to experience… Read more »

Chavos Masquerade Ball

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Chavos Masquerade Ball On behalf of her charity RCC International, Anna is holding the first ever Chavos Masquerade ball on October 29th 2011. For more information about the event or the charity please see the below links.  

Survey shows kids read more websites than comics

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Research carried out by the National Literacy Trust has revealed that children in the UK now read more websites than they do comics. The survey asked 18,000 eight to 17-year-olds across the country about their reading habits and it threw up some surprising results. It found that while ten per cent of children claimed to… Read more »

No truce for Mexican gangs

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The Mexican government has rejected a possible truce with the country's drug cartels and it has pledged to bring these criminals to justice. Mexico's federal security spokesman Alejandro Poire told the Associated Press there will be no armistice for these individuals, with authorities determined to dismantle these criminal organisations a piece at a time if… Read more »